Frequently Asked Questions


Furkey Auditorium does not manufacture without approved finishes (fabric, enamel and plastic colors, etc.) or approved drawings.

The average lead time for fabrics is 4 to 6 weeks.

There is a wide range of fabric selections and price will vary based on selected materials.

Raw materials are purchased to arrive at our factory based on your desired delivery date.

Furkey will always do what we can to ensure that you're happy with the results. However, charges may apply if materials are switched after they are purchased.

Yes, all fabrics meet flammability requirements and are tested regulary according to the Turkish Regulations.

The products we manufacture are 100% Turkish Made and we only use Quality Turkish Raw Materials.

Parts & Service Questions

We can provide parts for chairs manufactured by Seating Concepts. We can also help you with certain parts for chairs made by other manufacturers. Contact the Parts & Service Department to learn more.

There are a few items, such as hardware, that we keep in stock. However, there are so many possible combinations of models and finishes that it is impossible for us to stock most items so we manufacture them from scratch to match your original finishes. Depending on the item, this can normally be done in somewhere between two and six weeks.

Each project is essentially a custom job, so we keep very detailed records of all of your finishes including the model, fabric, paint color, types of armrest and so on. We will just need your help to correctly identify your original production order.

Some customers are surprised to learn that there may be more than one size chair, but chairs do come in multiple widths and any particular location may have as many as four sizes. We measure chairs from the center of one leg to the center of the other leg, which we call the "center-to-center" measurement. It is best to take that measurement on the floor. You may also find a letter stamp on the back or seat wings that can tell you the size chair; just tell use the letter or letter/number combination and we can assist. Whenever you are in doubt about a chair size, take the measurement rather than following a stamp.

There is always a little confusion about what different parts are called. For example what we call "chairs," many of our customers call "seats" and what we call "seats," many of our customers call "cushions." Whenever you want to clarify what a particular part is called, just contact our Parts & Service Department by telephone or e-mail and we will be happy to clarify exactly what the part that you are looking at is called. In general terms, the complete product is called a chair. Chairs are made up of standards (the legs), backs, and seats. There are two kinds of standards, center standards between chairs and aisle standards at the end of a row of chairs.

For most parts, the minimum ordering quantity is 100. There are a very few items that must be ordered at some minimum quantity, usually because it is a part of a kit. We will always let you know ahead of time if that is the case.

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