Why us?

1. We manufacture. We have 15.000 m2 closed-area factory!
2. We can supply over 2.500 different products including Cinema Chair, Auditorium Chair, Theatre Chair, Stadium Seating, School Chair, School Furniture, Conference Chair.
3. Highly-effective, professional team.
4. A detailed quotation for all kinds of projects in maximum 7 days.
5. Worldwide network with Exclusive Dealers and Sub-Dealers. Quality guaranteed.
6. The experience we have for Exporting.
7. Project Department for your Cafe, Hotel, Restaurant projects.
Step 1

Contact Us

Call, send SMS, send e-mail, etc. Our professional team will get back to you at the same day.

Step 2

Inform Us

Give us all the details of your project, technical drawings, requirements, etc. We'll start the process.

Step 3

Evaluate Our Offer

We'll prepare a detailed quote, unique for your project. After your evaluation, next step kicks in!

Step 4

Complete Project

After the approval, we'll start by manufacturing, supplying and coordinating all jobs with our highly-professional team.

Send Project Documents & Get A
Quote in 1-DAY!!

After we receive your message, our team will contact you for more details and as soon as possible, we'll give you a quote.

Contact Now

Ms. Nil BAYŞU - Project Manager

Çalı Mh. Kanal Cad. No 22 16120
Nilufer – Bursa, Turkey
+90 850 840 6045 +90 543 968 97 80 [email protected]
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