Laila P10

Laila P10 Laila P10

Technical Specification

  1. We provide 3 year manufacture warranty for products.
  2. Foam rubber of seat and backrest must be 50 +,-  5 kg/m3  in accordance with ergonomics of human body.
  3. Foam rubber of seat and backrest should be covered with determinated fabric with technical specification.
  4. Seat should be stationary (fixed).
  5. Junctions of the metal parts will not slip or overflow. Sources will be held continuously for all surfaces. There won’t be pore on all surfaces.
  6. Places of welding slag will be broken, burrs of sections will be cleaned and outer surface portions will be stoned. Adding height will not be made on the application.
  7. Skewness, lameness, out of squaring and similar faults will not be on any metal parts.
  8. Pipes: TS 416/1 TS 6476
  9. Profiles: TS 6475, TS 5317
  10. Pins will be transmission and a vending machine steel, according to used area.
  11. The rust, welding burrs, oil and dirt can be cleaned before painting. Epoxy polyester powder paint primer shall be applied without looking primer on painted surfaces. Surfaces will be painted with epoxy polyester powder paint after mechanical and chemical cleaning.
  12. Blistering, roughness, discharge and the color tone differences will not be on painted surfaces.
  13. Baked paint will be hard and slippery. Coating thickness will be at least 60 microns.
  14. Color brightness will be at least 80% according to measurement which made by Glanza Meter.
  15. Flaky throwing and paint cracking will not be on painted parts. When 1mm sheet metal and 20 mm axis are bend, paint cracks and throwing flakes will not seen on bending place.
  16. Seat armrests will made by the method of injection, cup holder will be in front side of armrest.

Fabric  Specification

  1. Weaving errors such as thin, thick, loose, tight, crazy etc., pilling, color variations, obvious differences in color tone will not be on weft and warp of fabrics.
  2. Upholstery fabric color and pattern would be appropriate to color and pattern of the fabric attached to the contract.
  3. Conference upholstered seats will comply with the specified dimensions and details which attach to parts of the project. Upholstery materials, are used on backrest and seating areas, will be one-piece and seamless.

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